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10 Concepts to Ascend as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is often likened to an adventure—a journey that requires courage, preparation, and the willingness to face unknown challenges. In the story of Alex, an entrepreneur, we explore how one can navigate this journey effectively. I recommend you invest the 2-3 minutes to read that and then come back to this. This article breaks down…
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They Don’t Understand My Pitch!: Why Style Matters

Explore how Alex turned a failed pitch into success by adapting to investors’ learning styles. Get key insights for your next presentation!

The Unseen Champion

In a bustling neighborhood nestled within a city alive with ambition and dreams, lived Elena, a woman whose presence was as commanding as it was subtle. To her husband, Jacob, she was a silent rockstar—a champion in a league of her own, yet she rarely stepped into the spotlight that so often tried to find…
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Evolution of the Elevator Pitch Analyser

We were working on a way to score startups and looking for data. We had gone to a number of startup events and asked people to try our system for free because we needed 1000 entries of data. Then after an AI conference in the Twin Cities I rang my partner and asked him to…
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