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Smart Founders provided us with a fresh perspective on effectively communicating our technology and presenting it to Angel investors. Their candid feedback combined with his genuinely supportive approach was very helpful and really appreciated. Finally, their energy and engaging culture make them a pleasure to work with.

Beth Lindborg, M.S., MBA
Sarcio, Inc.

We started working with Smart Founders as a Startup Acceleration Consultant in 2021. They had a thorough process for evaluating your company using the Start-up Scorecard. They also provided good recommendations on strengthening our presentation and executive summary.

As a startup consultant, they have solid experience for the fundraising process and a broad network of startup investors. They worked 7 days a week providing ideas to support our company’s fundraising process.

Al Berning
Ambient Clinical Analytics

I recommend your Investment Services to “Early Stage” entrepreneurs. Smart Founders understands the challenges, stresses, and practical paths required to source capital legitimately from accredited investors. No less important, they grasp early stage strategies so that you are able to communicate them efficiently to investor candidates. Our company has benefited from investor participations which you have introduced to your clients.

Robert D. Hansen
Hansen Engine Corporation,

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We have been doing this a long time as founders both technical and not, investors, managers, and developers. We love getting people and resources together for a project starting with our think tank years ago. So, here is the list of the tools that are relevant to founders. We hope that this helps you.