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13 years of service – here’s what our clients say:

Smart Founders’ expertise and support were invaluable in our fundraising journey. Their tiered services allowed us to choose the level of assistance we needed, and we opted for their full guidance. The team held our hands throughout the process, ensuring we presented our startup in the best possible light. Thanks to Cordo Advisors, we secured the investment that boosted our growth and impact.”

“As a first-time founder, I was overwhelmed with the fundraising process. Smart Founders came to the rescue! Their due diligence questionnaire gave me clarity on my startup’s strengths and weaknesses. I decided to go for the tiered coaching option, and I’m grateful for their support and encouragement. Smart Founders connected us with investors who shared our vision and mission. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in our startup’s success.”

“Smart Founders provided us with a fantastic foundation for investor meetings. Their curated list of questions was an eye-opener, and even though we didn’t go for the full coaching, the insights we gained were priceless. I highly recommend their services to any founder serious about attracting the right investors and maximizing their startup’s potential.”

Ready to put your Elevator Pitch to the test?

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Our curated due diligence questions are your gateway.

Score high, and you’re in—unlock introductions to eager investors that we feel match well with you. At a minimum you will see the bar you need to reach and the education is well worth the time.

So, why gamble with your future? Partner with us, and seize your opportunity.


Preparedness, Credibility, & Investor Intros

Investor Prep – Empowering Insights for Your Startup

Gain access to 95+ meticulously curated questions, accumulated over 30 years of assisting founders in raising funds.

Gain critical insights plus feedback and prepare for Elite Investor Access.

Elite Investor Access – Open Doors to Extraordinary Opportunities

Gain access to exclusive lists crafted by multi-millionaires and billionaires.

Tap into unparalleled networks and connections for unprecedented opportunities if you score well.

Guided Fundraising Navigator – Expert Support

Embrace comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire process.

Our team will guide you through both Investor Prep and Elite Investor Access.

The future belongs to the fearless – be a Smart Founder™ and seize it now!


The Risks of Proceeding Without Smart Founders: A Founder’s Dilemma

Opting to forego Smart Founders™’s comprehensive support may present challenges in securing funding, hinder networking, and limit growth opportunities.

Embracing the platform’s curated resources, expert guidance, and exclusive investor network could be the catalyst your startup needs for exceptional fundraising success.



We have been doing this a long time as founders both technical and not, investors, managers, and developers. We love getting people and resources together for a project starting with our think tank years ago. So, here is the list of the tools that are relevant to founders. We hope that this helps you.