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Connecting Dreams with Capital

Redefining the Future of Startup Scoring: The Elevator Pitch Challenge

Introduction Hello to all budding entrepreneurs, startup aficionados, and business leaders. Today marks a milestone for us at Smart Founders and for the startup ecosystem at large. We are thrilled to unveil our revolutionary AI Elevator Pitch Scoring Tool, a game-changer in startup pitch evaluation. This tool aims to solve one of the most pressing…
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Unlocking the Magic Formula: Elevator Pitches That Ignite Startup Success

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the ability to quickly and effectively convey your startup’s value proposition is vital. The guide from originally meant for life coaches is equally relevant for entrepreneurs. It outlines the importance of crafting a pitch that captures attention, establishes credibility, and invites a deeper conversation. Here’s what startups can take…
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Evolution of the Elevator Pitch Analyser

We were working on a way to score startups and looking for data. We had gone to a number of startup events and asked people to try our system for free because we needed 1000 entries of data. Then after an AI conference in the Twin Cities I rang my partner and asked him to…
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Elevator Pitch Advice

Creating an impactful elevator pitch for a startup is critical for capturing attention and securing interest from investors, clients, or partners. Here are some key advice and best practices: Be Concise but Complete An elevator pitch should be no longer than 60 seconds. Focus on the essential information that you must convey to spark interest…
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The Risks of Proceeding Without Smart Founders™: A Founder’s Dilemma

As an ambitious founder, embarking on your startup journey without the support of Smart Founders™ may pose significant challenges and risks. The platform offers an array of invaluable resources and expert guidance tailored to enhance your fundraising success. Here’s what you might miss out on: In conclusion, opting to forego Smart Founders™’s comprehensive support may…
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