About Us

Smart Founders is a pioneering analytics and consulting firm, specialized in empowering startups across the globe to reach their full potential. We help new businesses achieve higher growth, sustainability, and value with our state-of-the-art startup scoring system.

Smart Founders At A Glance

Were empowering the future of business, one startup at a time

Inspired by groundbreaking analytics movements and also massive failures in due diligence like the outcomes of Bernie Madoff, Smart Founders is revolutionizing how startups and investments are evaluated and supported. Our use of Big Data, AI, and cutting-edge algorithms allow us to predict startup success, manage risk, optimize operational efficiencies, and facilitate profitable relationships with investors and stakeholders.

Our co-founder, Bryant Stratton, brings a wealth of experience in creating high-impact organizations. He has successfully founded a think-tank focused on solving global organizational issues, advised numerous companies, and developed technology. Under his leadership, Smart Founders is committed to delivering on its promises, always getting done what we say we will.

Client Portfolio

Our clients include seed-stage startups, venture-backed firms, and even incubators and accelerators. We serve a growing number of sectors including tech, healthcare, renewable energy, and more.

Global Reach

Smart Founders is headquartered in Chicago, IL, but our influence spans globally. We’re committed to being the go-to resource for startups everywhere, no matter the industry or location.

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Interested in who we are and what makes us tick? Learn more about our career opportunities, our blog, and the products we’re leveraging to change the world of startups.Access the Smart Founders assessment process and gain the comprehensive insights your startup needs to excel in a competitive environment.