Elevate Your Pitch: Expert Analysis

📊 Here’s how it works:

1️⃣ You input your elevator pitch into the tool and it gets weighed against $200B in investment data.

2️⃣ Our tool analyzes your pitch based on crucial factors like clarity, conciseness, and sentiment.

3️⃣ You get a percentage score and actionable feedback from the “Analysis” where the highlighted words are your power words that drive sentiment. The overall score is a combination of a few factors like length and sentiment. This will update as you enter text. Then post your scores and schedule time to review with us.


Your elevator pitch should clearly show investors what your company stands for, in about 2 sentences, while avoiding negative sentiment.

An Elevator pitch should be Attention Grabbing like a story which is helpful, as we all relate as humans through story.

Since we focus on startup companies this should have three parts The Situation, The Problem, and The Outcome.

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