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Idea to Company

The founder’s journey

Founding a company and idea is great things and we all know
it. We love it and we want to help. With our assistence, we are able to provide lot of things, what can help you to get your dream idea right to the market.

“85% of success comes from your ability to work with people” – Dale Carnegie

Sharing starts everything you need to succeed.

Services to Build Your Idea

Meet the  crowdfunding platform for high-tech startups and investors.

We focus on helping you create your company from the ground up. Included in our process from amazing partners are, legal, financial, tax advising, team building, management, partnership development, developing optimum user journeys, proformas development, learning management systems development, prototyping planning and development, mentorship, marketing research/analysis/strategy, branding services, and crowd sourcing strategy. Oh, also some tips from lot of experienced people.

The networks to make your idea come to life.

Our Community

Founders that work with other founders or you could just see us all as brilliant people solving problems.

Establish important networks with equally motivated individuals from a variety of industries to fill in the skill gaps on your teams.

You want to get to market? We understand

Our process encompasses the entire entrepreneurial journey, company development process, and access to the knowledge of entrepreneurial veterans. We also provide a tool built for founders by founders. Get beta access here

Let’s make some jazz!

What Our Client’s Say About Our Solutions

You are one special team. Let the jazz continue!
Founder & CTO
These guys know what they are doing. The results were almost zero brain damage and a product that was build with deep consideration and quickly with a brain trust brilliant people.
Mark Livingston
Founder & CEO
"A team that looks for the values that map to your needs. Bluprnt members are deeply intuitive systemic thinkers."
Founder & CEO
“I have been working with Bluprnt on two projects so far. Their ability to question the status quo, come up with new creative solutions, and push things forward is remarkable."
"As a founder it's difficult to find people that work harder than me on what I'm passionate about. Bluprnt found those people by knowing me"
The governance that these folks have researched and implemented is just off the chain amazing! The future of work will know the mark of such a solid crew!
Founder & CEO
I absolutely love being a part of this community.
Alexandru Andrei
Founder & CEO of Web Graffiti

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